• Oha, heute kam eine Karte von einer Schriftstellerin aus den USA. na ja, Möchtegernschriftstellerin, aber wer will, kann ihr Werk im Netz lesen. Mir reicht die Karte.


    About Miranda...


    My day job is at a local credit union, but what I really want to do is write. I have finished a novel the rough draft can be found on wattpad (link below) and in the process of writing a second.

    I love the idea of traveling, but it's just not a possibility for me right now. So Postcrossing in an opportunity to get to know people and place all over the world without leaving my little corner of it.

    Looking for an idea of what kind of card to send. I would love any card you send, below are a few ideas.
    Historic place
    Doctor Who
    Marvel, DC
    Movie Posters
    Birthday in May
    Whatever makes you smile.

    Stuck on what to write on the back just a few ideas.
    What makes you happy
    About you town/city/village
    Favorite quote
    Books your reading

    Feel free to check out my wattpad page below:

    Or you can follow me on Instagram:


    Eine Frau, die vom Schreiben träumt und Ratschläge für gelungene Postkarten erteilt, da muss doch ein toller Text rüberkommen. Great!

    Eigentlich ist der Poststempel das beste an der Karte.

    Make my cards great again!

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